Marut Bunnag International Law Office

Marut Bunnag International Law Office is one of the oldest established international law firms in Thailand. Our history dates back more than a hundred years. From generation to generation, we have continued to build close working relations with other renowned international law firms, in order to ensure up-to-date, accurate and pertinent legal advice is available to our valued clients whoever legal assistance is required in the world. 

Khun Luang Phraya Kraisee (Mr. Pleng Vepara)

Mr. Vepara, was the first person in Thailand to become a barrister at Middle Temple, United Kingdom, in 1882.
After King Rama V ordered the establishment of a Ministry of Justice, Mr. Vepara was the first person in Thailand to be appointed as the Attorney General in 1893, and became the first Chief Justice of The Criminal Court in 1896.
With broad vision and eagerness to develop the legal system and education, he proposed the idea of establishing the first official law school to the king in 1896.
Mr. Vepara and Rolin-Jacquemyns, King Rama V’s advisor, successfully drafted the first Law School Management Act. Following the launch of the first official law school, Mr. Vepara was elected as professor of law along with Krom Luang Ratchburi Direkrit (Prince of Ratchburi).

Phra Sutthisan Winitchai (Mr. Mali Bunnag)

Subsequently, Phra Sutthisan Winitchai, served as a Judge of The Criminal Court in 1916 and years later as the Chief Justice of Trang Province.

Professor Marut Bunnag

In 1950, son of Mr. Mali Bunnag, and grandson of Khun Luang Phraya Kraisee, Professor Marut Bunnag founded the Marut Bunnag Law Office near the Southern Bangkok Civil Court in the area of Pranakorn, Bangkok, Thailand. He was appointed to be the Lawyers’ Association of Thailand Secretary General, and subsequently, became its President for some 10 years. He became increasingly interested in international legal business, and he joined a number of international lawyers’ organizations, e.g., the World Peace Through Law Centre; the International Bar Association; and the Law Association for Asia and the Pacific, in which he served as its President. 

With great success as an attorney, and with a driving ambition to reform and improve Thailand, he joined The Democrat Party in 1979 and thereafter served under numerous political titles, such as Minister of Public Health, Minister of Justice, Minister of Education, Speaker of the House of Representatives, Speaker of Constitutional Judiciary and President of National Assembly

Dr. Rujira Bunnag

Dr. Rujira Bunnag, the only son of Professor Marut Bunnag joined the law firm in 1986, after graduating with a Masters Degree in Law from University of Pennsylvania and founded second branch of the firm, Marut Bunnag International Law Office, located at Ratchadapisek Road, which later became the headquarters of the firm. He has spent decades as a practicing attorney and part time law lecturer at several leading Thai universities, and has handled a wide range of legal cases at all levels of legal complexity. His primary goal has always been to uphold the law and enable justice to be obtained by all.

Narutchai Bunnag

Mr. Narutchai Bunnag, Dr. Rujira Bunnag’s son, joined the firm in 2018 after his Master’s graduation in law from Cornell University, United States. He aims to follow his father and grandfather’s footsteps, by serving and endeavoring to enable justice for all.


Founded in 1950, our first branch, Marut Bunnag Law Office, situated on four story building at Boonsiri Road.
In 1974, we launched our second branch, Marut Bunnag International Law Office.
Dr. Rujira Bunnag joined the firm in 1986, our firm continued to grow exponentially.
In 2018, Narutchai Bunnag, Dr. Rujira Bunnag’s son, joined and inherited the firm.
In 2021, we rebrand our firm and expand our area of expertises.

The First office was established in 1950

The current office was established in 1974

Our Core!

Intellectual Property

Creativity and invention ought to be fully protected and registered. Our long experience has insured clients of their rights to ownership of their innovations.

Dispute Resolution

Whenever disputes arise, they can be frustrating and confusing. Our firm has experienced attorneys who deal with varied legal disputes at all levels.

Corporate and Commercial

Our firm understands your needs on business matters, and we will provide you with the most suitable and sustainable solutions.